Betting is fun!

Sports betting can be not only an option for bringing additional profits but also can give lots of interesting possibilities for different types of games among those who are interested in sports. Often, on online sports betting forums you can see a number of different betting games that the participants in these forums played with each other.

Here are some examples that if you are interested enough you can join without a problem at any time.

One of the most common challenges is who first will be able to make 100 consecutive winning bets. The size of the odds for the bets is not a factor at all. The only goal is to reach 100 winning bets. This seems like a relatively easy task, but it turns out that it is not. There is almost no bettor who has succeeded in this game and it can be even said that most of them pretty quickly managed to lose their money.

Another game associated with sports betting, which is preferred by many is to lay the accurate results on a football match. Here the goal is clear, the punter mustn’t predict correctly the actual result of a match. The longer you manage to do it, the better it is. Here the success rate is quite high, often we can see series of over 100 and more successful bets. Of course, the odds are so low that the player doesn’t get any significant profit, but it is a real pleasure to have such a long series of successful bets.

Of course, the most beloved of all betting forums games is the direct competition. The players are divided into pairs, each of which is given a number of matches per day. Who gets better predictions goes further. Thus knockout leads to an eventual winner who gets a virtual bowl.

You can see that sports betting is much more than just giving money to the bookmaker. It can also be a source of sufficient additional emotions, even without betting real money.