Betting with the bookie’s money

When we do betting one of the most important things is to be sure not to bet with our own money, but to do it with money from the bookmaker. You can say it in other words, we have to be sure that at the end of the month we will not end with losses.

This generally is one of the hardest things to achieve when betting and in reality the percentage of people who gain profit from betting is really small. However, there are ways with strict discipline to gain some profit from betting or at least to limit your losses to a minimum.

One of those ways, whether your bookie is bet365, William Hill and bet-at-home, is to carefully check on paper your system for betting before you play it with real money.

In this way you can be assured that your system is profitable before you start betting with real money.

Another option, which allows you to bet immediately is to play only when your system is profitable and not to bet when it isn’t. This really simple option is very practical and is completely inexplicable why it is not used by absolutely all players.

The idea is as follows. You have a betting system you want to check or play. You bet on the first match from your system. If it is successful, you continue betting while you have the profits from your first bet. If you continue to win, you continue playing, because your system is profitable.

However, if you start accumulating losses, then you stop gambling with real money and start on a paper trial for your system until you realize what is wrong.

With this very simple way, you guarantee you will do betting without losing money or in the worst case you will lose a percentage of your bankroll up to the amount of a single bet. So, if you have the necessary self-discipline, without any effort you will ensure that at least you won’t lose money from sports betting.

Something that is hard to be achieved for more than 90% of the bettors worldwide.