Handball Betting

Handball is not one of the world’s major sports. However, there are enough matches that bettors can wager on games on a pretty consistent basis. Handball is a fast paced game and is very exciting to watch. It is well respected by the international community evidenced by the fact that it is played in the Olympics.

It is not difficult to find an online sportsbook, which offers handball betting even though it is not extremely popular. However, not every sportsbook will offer it. There are several major events, which attract the most handball bettors. They include the Olympics, The European Championship, The World handball Championship, The EHF Cup, The Liga Asobal and The Bundesliga. Individuals can also bet on league play, with the European League being the most prominent.
Handball Betting Types and Odds

There are a variety of handball bets that can be made. This it makes it ideal for people who enjoy the sport (or at least are willing to make money from it) and appreciate the ability to make lots of different bets. Below, we will list some of the most predominate ones.

Single Match Bets: This is a bet on which team will win a particular match. Such bets are referred to as match coupons, two-way or three way-handicaps. It is also possible to wager on a draw or no winner. Draws pay out the best odds because they are rare occurrences. When a person wagers a two-way handicap, they are not allowed to bet on a draw. Three-way handicaps differ from two-way handicaps in this regard. Individuals are allowed to wager on draws.

Winner Bets: This is a bet on which team will win a particular match. The odds will differ based on how close the teams are in term of ability. When a clearly dominant team is playing, the odds may be 2 to 1. However, wagers on the weaker team might payout 500 to 1. As a result, an upset can result in a $10 bet paying out $5,000.

Finishing Position Bets: This wager is on the place that a particular team will finish in a tournament or league play. Individuals can bet on an all-out winner or bet that a team will place in the top three.

Goals Scored: This is a pretty popular over/under bet. Individuals get to wager on whether or not a match score will be less then or more then the score listed by a sportsbook.

Handball Major Events

Handball is similar to other sports in that it is dominated by major events. Below is a list of some of the major events in the sport of handball.

1) The Olympic Games
2) The EHF Cup
3) The European League
4) The European Championship
5) The World Handball Championship
6) World Women’s Championship

Be sure to take note of when some of these major handball events are scheduled so you are prepared to bet on them accordingly.

Handball Betting Strategy and Tips

Individuals interested in handball betting need to become informed as much as possible about the game, namely which teams and players are the best. Knowing this information will help bettors make the best bets possible. Wagering blindly is not recommended.

Comparing sportsbooks to determine who has the odds is very important as well. The best odds pay out the most. If a person has decided to wager on handball, it makes sense to get as much money as they can if they win.

There are many different types of handball bets. It is always a good idea to only make bets that a person is comfortable with. This might include betting on a match winner or over/under on the score. These are two of the easiest available wagers. Finding information on which the best teams are and their match scores for a season is easy enough to do. This information can be used to make informed wagers.

It is never a good idea to bet without properly researching the sport. While it definitely can be done, it is not recommended. Doing so would be akin to playing slots. Sports gambling differs from these sorts of games of chance, because wagers are, or at least should be, based on certain and reliable information. An individual can increase their odds of choosing the right team, simply by doing some research. Obviously, this won’t ensure that a person wagers successfully. Teams and players have off nights.

In many instances, it is easier to wager on handball games online. This is especially true for people who do not live in areas were handball is played. The Internet makes it possible for individuals to bet on any eligible handball games. Thus, it becomes possible for an American-based player to wager on a European league handball match or tournament.